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Meditating Dog
Fraser in Space
Communion by Nicholas Roerich
Dalai Lama quote
The Great Invocation
Let the Great Evolution Begin
Dalai Lama
Yoga Wave Light

The Sacred Word

A fellow meditator once asked me, out of the blue, what was my understanding of the AUM. I had this immediate expansive reaction as if my entire being had become unlimited space. Being so absorbed into that all encompassing space … Continue reading

Lama Fraser

Fraser in his mother’s bed said, “I just want to keep curling up and go round and round and get smaller and smaller until I am no longer part of the world”. “Where will you disappear to?” his mother asked, … Continue reading

Intellect to Intuition

Meditation is a process whereby the mind is reorientated to reality, and, rightly used, can lead a man into another kingdom, into another state of consciousness and being and into another dimension. Intellect to Intuition Alice Bailey Meditation is primarily … Continue reading


Buddhists always pray that all sentient beings may be free from suffering and attain enlightenment. The practise of discipline, of compassion, the practise of morality is the means, which you recognise as the essential nature of phenomenal existence. When your … Continue reading