Dalai Lama

Buddhists always pray that all sentient beings may be free
from suffering and attain enlightenment.

The practise of discipline, of compassion, the practise of morality is the means,
which you recognise as the essential nature of phenomenal existence.

When your heart is lit with compassion and you are
beyond self-interest and self-gratification – your message will get through.

Emptiness is the essence of all phenomena.

Every single sentient being has Buddha nature.

From the Buddhist point of view generally,
everything and everyone is perfect, ultimately.

When wisdom and compassion are together,
it brings heart to your path, and the path to your heart.

Compassion is no attribute – it is the law of laws – eternal harmony,
Alaya’s self – a shoreless universal essence.
The light of everlasting right and fitness of all things, the law of love eternal.

The Voice of the Silence

The Buddha recognized that the two wings of the bird
flying to enlightenment are compassion and wisdom.

The Dalai Lama

Bodhisattvas are free from duality within themselves;
therefore, their extraordinary relationship with the external reality of
ordinary people becomes a miraculous event.

Awakening the Sleeping Buddha

Those who can perform miracles, it is important to point out,
are motivated by compassion, loving-kindness, and wisdom,
– for the purpose of benefiting others.

Awakening the Sleeping Buddha

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