The Great Invocation – Jan Nation

As a student of the Arcane School you are trained in the Ageless Wisdom teachings via correspondence. The headquarters are in London, New York and Geneva. Many years ago Jan Nation was the Chairwoman of the Lucis Trust in the Commonwealth, which is responsible for The Arcane School, many international foundations and the publishing and distributing of the Alice Bailey books. Jan and her husband Steve, originally from New Zealand, lived in London during the period of Jan’s service work with the Lucis Trust. Over the years we developed a wonderful and loving relationship through the work and on occasions I had the opportunity to visit London headquarters and spend time with them.

Often we would walk through Hyde Park, sit together and have lunch on a nearby park bench. With the hustle and bustle of London, it was as if we were enclosed in a place of beautiful silence that was protected from the outside world.

Some years later when Jan was diagnosed with cancer, she continued the work until, physically incapable, and after twenty years of service, they returned to their homeland New Zealand. Soon afterwards I travelled to see them and stayed in a quiet garden flat within walking distance from the ocean and their home. Every morning and evening I would walk to their house, past beautiful gardens and trees, to meditate and spend time with them. We had formed a triangle of loving energy during those years in London and as Jan’s passing was close the meditations were of greater significance. During the stay in New Zealand we recorded Jan’s voice sounding The Great Invocation.

When the time came to leave their home and return to Australia, we walked very slowly through the garden towards Steve’s car, stopping to admire the flowers and treasure the preciousness of the moment – it seemed to last forever. Jan stood motionless, as we loaded the car, radiantly beautiful with a glow around her and a peacefulness beyond words. As we drove off I looked back to see her and realised the great love that we as humans are capable of – everything in that moment was perfect – the connection remains forever there. It was the last time I was to see Jan.

Not long afterwards Steve contacted me and said that Jan had died peacefully at home by his side. He mentioned that during her last hours he could see her lips moving and, unable to hear what she was saying, he put his ear close to her mouth and listened. She was sounding, ever so quietly, the Great Invocation.

During the following year Steve, a friend and I were in the mountain region of Darjeeling in Northern India attending a meditation meeting on the Wesak – full moon in May. Darjeeling was a special place for Steve and Jan, having first travelled there when they were young students. Surrounded by the magnificent Himalayas, the town offers spectacular views of the majestic mountains, including the sacred mountain, Mount Kanchenjunga.

On a crystal clear morning we walked along a quiet road bordered on both sides by ancient pine forests to a garden park that offered spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Steve carried Jan’s ashes. With a peace and serenity we walked slowly in unison towards a garden of roses where Jan’s ashes would be spread. Steve had a blissful glow around him. As the golden light of sunrise reflected off Mt Kanchenjunga, Steve spread Jan’s ashes under a beautiful rose bush. Silently we sounded The Great Invocation in memory of our beloved friend.

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2 Responses to The Great Invocation – Jan Nation

  1. Kris Dodson says:

    What a lovely story…it radiated the peace of the transition.
    Four years ago this week I developed a heart arrhythmia and suffered multiple arrests. As the hospital staff worked on me I immediately sank into my mediation “place” and began the continual recitation of the Great Invocation, alternating with The Affirmation of the Disciple. I felt a perfect stillness and calm in the midst of frantic surroundings. While all the the medical professionals believed I would certainly die, I knew I would not, not now, and even if I did all was well as I would exit with a continuity of consciousness assured that the essence would continue, even as the form expired.
    I know what Jan experienced as she chose to follow the true flow of life, ever present, uninterrupted by minor changes such as death. Grace.
    Journey well,

  2. Joann says:

    How very beatiful, Albe, I play her CD of the Great Invocation every World Invocation Day vigil.
    The park in Darjeeling is a perfect place to remember her.
    She is an unforgettable person, so close to her friends now as always.
    Thanks very much.
    Much love to you.

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