The Ocean of Life…


The Law of Cycles underlies all the processes of nature and its study leads man out of the world of objective effects into that of subjective causes.
A Bailey

In the 1940´s a team of oceanographers led by Walter Munk successfully tracked the seven thousand mile journey of an ocean wave, from its stormy birth off the coast of Antarctica, to its eventual demise of the shores of Alaska two weeks later. While the remarkable feat demonstrates the power of the human mind to observe and analyse nature’s behaviour, it also raises the philosophical question of what, exactly, is an ocean wave? Rather than an object it is more a process, for the water the wave is composed of is changing all the time – water itself doesn’t move from one end of the world to the other – it simply rises and falls as an intangible force uses it as a medium to travel through. When its journey is complete and the ocean wave breaks down on a distant shore, this mysterious power moves on into other forms of expression, for as we know, energy only changes form, it cannot be destroyed.

As an ocean waves is more a process than a “thing” – its birth, life and death forming an energy cycle – no less so is a human being; in this case the intangible force being the soul, which lives and moves through the medium of flesh and bone, holding it in shape until its journey’s end, when the form likewise breaks down and the soul moves on to pastures new.

All the processes of nature, including these two diverse examples, are governed by the Law of Cycles. Humanity itself is influenced by myriad unseen cycles working through it and evolving it in accordance with the Divine Plan. At present we are witnessing a dramatic culmination of several cycles at the same time and the birth of new ones, chief amongst them is the ending of the Piscean age and the birth of the Aquarian. Like the ocean wave that finally breaks down on the shore, chaos and confusion reign as the form of our current civilisation breaks down, and a new one emerges that is more capable of expressing the energies of the Aquarian cycle.

We ARE a wave and we BECOME the wave

When you, as a surfer, ride a wave you are transformed in the process of riding that wave. So as you were before riding the wave and how you are after the wave is completely different. What, in fact, happens is the energy of the ocean wave is absorbed into the human being in the process of riding that wave. We are constantly being transformed through the energy of waves. All energy moves through this universe as a wave and in various ways affects our life. Waves from the heart of the ocean of life. When riding a wave you are directly connected to nature in a very subtle way that is the magnetic beauty of riding an ocean wave – the transformation is so subtle you hardly notice the difference but the result over a period of time enhances your life and all those you come into contact with. That is the beauty of riding the ocean waves – that is why we surf.

You are the wave by becoming the wave – we merge back into the ocean of life.

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2 Responses to The Ocean of Life…

  1. Ray Langley says:

    Thanx Albe,we who surf are given such a Life-changing gift,we should treasure each moment,RaL

  2. Blair Fleming says:


    sound is but a vibration , song but a tremor in the ether
    but when the divine sings, it is a roar
    so powerful it moves oceans, travelling great distances
    upon reaching shore, where the chosen ones dance
    to and upon the divine tune…waves

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