Surfboards I am Loving – Andrew Kidman

View from Andrew's

Andrew Kidman lives near Mount Warning, on the far north coast of New South Wales. He has a three hundred and sixty degree view of the hinterland surrounding the mountain. It is one of the most picturesque sights on the entire coast and one that you will never get tired of looking at. The mountain is on the western outlook of the house and the late afternoon and early evening colours leave a lasting impression. On a moonless night, the grand Milky Way overshadows the house and the constellations are clearly visible. All is quiet and peaceful, with only the sounds of nature to be heard. You couldn’t ask for a nicer place to live.

When you walk inside the house there is an array of colourful surfboards in racks against the wall. Boards of all sizes and descriptions, with a history that could fill a book. Some he’s made himself, others are from friends and surfers who are close to him. They are all works of art. Made with love, they are filled with memories and energies of great waves and beautiful days. And like all works of great art, they are inspiring.

Board Collection


Here are a few photos and technical details for the boards….

Bella on the nose
Bella's board Skip Frye 6'10
Andrew & Guthrie
Orange Board 6'6" Channel bottom shaped by AK in 2006 (left) Dreamboard shaped by AK 5'10" channel bottom, art by Sutho, shaped in 2007
Andrew & Guthrie
Yellow board 6'3" channel bottom single fin shaped by Alan Byrne in 2011 - period 1980 single fin re-issue (left) Small fish shaped by Skip 5'10" shaped in 2000 (centre)
Guthrie on a Dreamboard
Guthrie on a Dreamboard

Mount Warning sunset


Lost in the Ether

Riding Michael Peterson’s board on a shallow Northern New South Wales boulder point…

Andrew Lost in the Ether
Andrew Lost in the Ether

“I was nervous pulling into this tube. As the wave moved onto the bank, the bottom dropped out of the barrel. The board could easily have broken as it only has a glue stringer. These frame grabs from Lost in the Ether were taken from footage shot by Steve Sherer.”
Andrew Kidman

More on Andrew and Lost in the Ether film & book…

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  1. Damien says:

    would you consider selling the Al Byrne Single fin?

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