Blue Sway – a film by Jack McCoy

Still from Blue SwayStill from Blue SwayStill from Blue Sway

Jack loves photographing waves so much so that a few years back at Teahupo’o he was swimming dangerously close to the reef in the water filming Andy Irons. A set loomed and Andy dropped in on a moderately big wave – “moderately” being large in most surfers reference frame….. with his focus on Andy, the wave pulled back off the reef and then when it exploded took Jack over – camera and all – with it. He hit the reef, got heavily wacked on the head – fortunately he was wearing a helmet – and dragged over the reef. In a semi-conscious state, he said later, that he was enjoying the sensation so much that he wanted to stay there. Realising that he was on the verge of unconsciousness he pulled himself back around and eventually came up on the shallow reef. In a dazed state and standing in waist deep water another bomb wave drained off the reef and exploded on top of him. He was dragged along the reef for a hundred meters and eventually pulled on board a jet ski. Five minutes later he passed out and was unconsciousness for thirty minutes.

Most people after an experience like that would probably not return to the ocean. Jack did – many times – and continued his exploratory techniques of filming the beautiful waves of Teahupo’o and Tahiti. A few years ago he designed an underwater propeller driven torpedo-shaped platform to support his camera and continued to test and film the beautiful waves and surfing in Tahiti.

Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy

Jack’s footage caught the attention of Paul McCartney and the result is the clip Blue Sway below.

McCartney’s music – with a beautiful string orchestra backing – combined with Jack’s amazing images have created an exceptionally beautiful creative masterpiece of space and sound.

More on Jack…

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3 Responses to Blue Sway – a film by Jack McCoy

  1. Warren says:

    Mc & Mc; blows me away everytime I watch it!

  2. andrew says:

    35 years later he is still making cutting edge stuff. Legend.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Wow! Awesome film clip and music. :)

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