Song of Shamballa

"Song of Shamballa" by Nicholas Roerich
"Song of Shamballa" by Nicholas Roerich

Shamballa send fiery messages, golden seeds of wisdom and knowledge to all those who cultivate their minds in true meditation and learn to penetrate into the realm of peace.
Nicholas Roerich

Not long after registering as a student with the Arcane School my friend came home from The Theosophical Book store in Sydney with some beautiful postcards of painting of the Himalayas. Having not been to the Himalayas I was struck by the incredible colours of the early dawn light that the artist had captured. The cards although small resonated with a beautiful energy. They were of paintings done by a Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. Thus begun another wonderful journey into a world so different to the one I had been living. Several years later I found myself in the Himalayas amongst steep mountain peaks covered with winter snow. The clarity of the high altitude in the pre-dawn light put an edge of sharpness and detail into these mighty mountain peaks. Often during the early hours of morning I would walk along well-worn paths through fields of rich pasture to catch the sunrise – it was as if I had stepped into a Roerich painting. Nicholas and his family had spent many years in the early 1930’s travelling and painting in these mountains long before I was born and yet they somehow appeared to remain exactly in colour and form as he had rendered them in his paintings. He had spent years travelling through these mountainous regions and over the vast plains of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and through the Altai Mountains gathering artefacts, visiting temples and meeting with remarkable Rishis before settling down in the Kulu Valley in northern India with his wife Helena and two sons George and Svetoslav to complete the work that the family had spent their entire life collecting.

Paintings of a spiritual nature such as Roerichs resonate with a strong healing vibration that will not only inspire you on an inner level, but also transform the way you think about the world. They have a strong and powerful radiation as if being in the presence of a very strong magnetic field. Should you find yourself in New York at the Roerich Gallery, home of the Agni Yoga society, which they initiated, you will have the opportunity to view a large collection of original paintings – mostly from the Himalayan region. If you never get to the Himalayas and find yourself surrounded by these paintings it will be as if you had spent time travelling through these awesome mountains. When you walk back out on the streets of New York you will realise then the powerful effect that they have upon you – you will not be the same again. Perhaps its being in such a beautiful pristine part of the world untouched by human hands that Roerich was able to capture or perhaps it was a combination of his purity that allowed him to be in that presence and be guided through his heart and hand to paint such master pieces.

The Roerichs are long gone but their heartfelt beauty and richness of spirit has left a wealth of profound teachings and paintings that will send vibrations of a powerful healing nature into the world for generations to come. They were a truly remarkable family and to this day and well into the future their legacy will remain as one of the world’s greatest gifts of a spiritual nature available to mankind.

Each person interprets this coming Radiant Age in his own way, but in one thing they are all alike – precisely, that they interpret it, with the language of the heart.
Nicholas Roerich

“Culture is the reverence of light.
Culture is the love of humanity.
Culture is fragrance, the unity of life and beauty.
Culture is the synthesis of uplifting and sensitive attainments.
Culture is the armour of light.
Culture is salvation.
Culture is the moving force.
Culture is the Heart.

If we gather all the definitions of Culture,
We find the synthesis of active Bliss,
The alter of enlightenment and constructive beauty.”
Nicholas Roerich

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