Awesome power, absolutely beautiful film – Teahupo’o

“This day at Teahupoo – Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro waiting period is what many are calling the biggest and gnarliest Teahupoo ever ridden. Chris Bryan was fortunate enough to be there working for Billabong on a day that will go down in the history of big wave surfing. The French Navy labeled this day a double code red prohibiting and threatening to arrest anyone that entered the water.
Kelly Slater described the day by saying “witnessing this was a draining feeling being terrified for other people’s lives all day long, it’s life or death. Letting go of that rope one time can change your life and not many people will ever experience that in their life.”

All images where shot by Chris Bryan using the Phantom HD Gold camera. To see more of Chris’ work check out his website
Music: ‘Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun’ by M83

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4 Responses to Awesome power, absolutely beautiful film – Teahupo’o

  1. Cosmicray says:

    Thanx Albe, Chris Bryan and those mad bastards taking the drop!!
    Sonavabitch! You gotta be nuts or have big ones to surf that!But!!
    Dig the slomo!Ouch!! Thats gotta hurt!!but you make one!!Wow!!
    Puts surfing in a different perspective don’t it!! Love IT!!XXX

  2. cosmicray says:

    bless thy daily Lama.
    Thanks for the Chopes horror. Insane< +
    with IT with Rayzendbarr, both lip up,
    More RED CODE please…
    tha Viking.

  3. Kai says:

    Code Red X2. insane : looking deep within the “code black” holes.
    Where the Fish Dont Swim…
    Thanks !!!

  4. gotch says:

    They should’ve pig-dogged ’em.

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