The Heart of Life


The Heart


The heart that knows the subtle world knows flowers and mountains, and snows and the seas. Flowers thrive in a richness of forms and their colours are indescribably more complex that the colours of earth; the snows are more whiter and crystalline and richer than those of earth. Only the light bearing consciousness of the heart will carry the subtle body into the higher realms.

If thought in itself contains creative energy, then how useful it is to direct good thoughts into space.

He who does not think of the heart will also fail to improve his consciousness. Only through the heart will you conquer. When human thought shall recognise the heart as an impeller, not as an egoistic personal instrument, but as a collaborator with the subtlest energies, the predestined transformation of life will at once begin.

To behold flowers of the subtle world means already to ascend into the Beautiful sphere.

How important it is to let our heart tell us what it is we want or need
Instead of letting our brain dictate to us.

The chief requisite for the application of the hearts energy will be an understanding that physical effort is unnecessary.

Heart available

Healing Buddha

Foundations of Buddhism
Buddha’s love was so immeasurable a stream that it could not be exhausted by any hate or hostility. On the contrary, such a hostile attack only brought to it fuller unfoldment. Therefore, he decreed that his disciples act thus, “However men may speak concerning you, whether appropriately or inappropriately, whether courteously or rudely, whether wisely or foolishly, whether kindly or maliciously, thus, my disciples, must you train yourselves. Our minds should remain unsullied; neither should evil word escape our lips. Kind and compassionate will we ever remain, loving of heart, not harbouring secret hate. And we will bathe them with the unfailing stream of loving thought. And proceeding further, we will embrace and flood the whole wide world with constant thoughts of loving kindness, wide, ample, expanding, immeasurable as the world, free from enmity, free from ill will. Thus, disciples, must you train yourselves!”
Here we see that the love that his disciples had to cultivate was the boundless stream of kindness radiating to all four quarters of space, above and below, in all places the wide world over.
According to the Teaching these waves of kindness, compassion, or joy sent into space reach a mind afflicted with sorrow and grief, which suddenly feels within itself a welling-up of peace and serenity.
Thought is energy and as such acts in full conformity with its intensity and the impetus given to it.
Love, as taught by the Blessed One, being the deliverance of mind, was at the root of everything really great.
“The greatest of all is the loving heart.”
Helena Roerich

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