There’s more to life than meets the eye

Mt Khangchenjunga
It’s misty – early morning light and soft rain leave droplets of jewels on my arms each one holds a myriad of colours. A blanket of softness covers everything. There is no wind – all is still.

In Pokhara in Nepal the high Himalayan ranges welcomes the golden morning sun. The snow peaked mountains first to greet the light shine in majestic formation. The day is like crystal, the air sharp and alive with the freshness of high altitudes.

Walking over mountain trails through rocky paths clouds rise from the depths of the valley – ascending into the deep blue sky forming shapes of white beauty – changing from moment to moment – blending into each other until eventually they overshadow the entire region in a dark threatening way.

By mid afternoon they explode – flashes of piercing white lightening blast the local village – all seems ominous. The day cools. A shaft of sun lights up a portion of the fertile valley. A rainbow of blazing colour in a perfect arc stretches over the hills. Clouds soon break up and dissipate. The deep blue appears once again, it is a magnificent sunset – all is clear.

The evening is ablaze with a full moon and the outline of the mountains against a deep dark sky completes another day. Life reveals its magic once again.

The sound of rain strengthens against the iron roof.

The weather clears. Silver waves peel around a grassy headland – a carpet of miniature yellow and indigo flowers cover the ground. A fresh autumn breeze blows from the land fanning the small cylinders forming perfect shaped waves over a shallow sand bank.

The air is fresh, the day warm, the smiles friendly.

Think I’ll paddle out and ride a few.

There’s more to life than meets the eye.


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3 Responses to There’s more to life than meets the eye

  1. Biannca says:

    Thank you beautiful thoughts for equally beautiful pic’s,

  2. Cosmicray says:

    Thanx Albe,a nice way to start a day!RaL

  3. Ray & Dudedog says:

    Thank you.
    Your writings are a highlight of our day.

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