Heaven on Earth

Living in the country I have witnessed many animals come and go. All were my friends. What you realise in their living and passing is that they are more than just animals. They are pure entities that breathe the same air, live on the same planet and share the same love.

Generally they ask very little of you – and give unconditional love. They carry no baggage, have no opinions and are happy just to be with you. I have learnt from sharing and being with these beautiful entities that they come into your life for a reason. If only we could embody the unconditional love that they offer then that would be enough.

I consider them all to be my little brothers and sisters and my teachers. I have nursed so many through the transition of passing and each time my heart expands with love and compassion for all living beings.

There is a saying that nothing is taken from you without being replaced with something else. With each passing the sorrow is replaced with compassion and an expanding awareness of how precious life is. Who would realise that some of the greatest lessons we learn are from these harmless friends.

It is not a responsibility but a privilege to care for the animal kingdom just as there are those who look out and care for us. The sooner we begin to realise that we all share the One Life, the sooner we will all live together in peace and harmony in this world and consciously create heaven on earth.

One from the heart… I will never forget

As I drove up the pathway to Robyn’s house Rusty rose out of his listless state to limp over to greet me. Tail wagging he bowed his head and stood gently in front of me. I crouched down and massaged his head and cheeks with love, he put his forehead against my heart as I told him that he was a good dog, a very good dog and I loved him.

He sensed that I had some pastries and he followed me to the steps of the house. I sat in the sun; his eyes were alert as he waited patiently for me to feed him small pieces, as I usually did. Ever so gently he took each piece from my fingers ensuring not to touch my hand with his mouth, I was always amazed at the grace and gentleness he showed when I fed him like this.

Soon after he wandered a few feet away and propped himself in a comfortable position on the grass beneath a tree. As I watched him my mind drifted back over the countless beautiful times shared with him, the fun we had, the absolute unconditional love he gave to everyone, particularly Robyn and myself.

There were times when I was surfing he’d run around the rocks as if he wanted to come out and ride waves with me. He would anxiously wait on the beach when a surfer came in thinking it was I. And, when I finally did go in he would welcome me with such joy and excitement, and run up and down the beach and around me at full pace – he was just so happy that we were together again.

Often when I would be doing yoga on the veranda in the morning sun, lying on my back stretching, Rusty would come over to me, prop himself on the side of the mat with our bodies touching, he would then roll over on his back with feet in the air and stretch with me. He would stay like that until I moved. The stillness was so perfect we would just drift off to the sound of the finches feeding nearby, sun on our bodies – to a beautiful place – together. It was priceless.

Very rarely over the years that we became friends would I go to the Bellingen Growers Markets to buy a supply of organic produce or to Crescent Head surfing without him in the car. He just wanted to be with us – no matter where we were going or what we were doing. He became the third link in the triangle, and I believe, the pinnacle. Teachers come in various disguises and I recognised early in our friendship that he was another teacher sent to assist and guide us on the spiritual journey that we all share.

I walked over to where he sat and gave him a final head massage and looking deep into his eyes – and his in mine – thanked him for all our times shared, for being such a great friend, for all the beautiful times we had together, for the fun and his gentleness, for his unquestionable and unconditional love. As we looked into each others eyes, I could see pure life, nothing else existed, he gave to me something that is difficult to put into words, it went beyond Rusty the dog, and me the human, the connection was greater that either of us – there was no separation, just the purity of life and love for each other.

I rolled over onto my back and looked into the blue of space, the wind was fanning the leaves of the tree, a delicate wisp of a white cloud dissolved in passing. I thought to myself, it’s a beautiful day to die.

He followed us up onto the veranda and found a place half in the sun to rest. The previous night he hadn’t slept all night. Within a few minutes he was asleep. Soon afterwards Robyn sat beside him and for the next hour massaged his head and patted his beautiful soft furry body. In a half asleep – half awake state he felt her love as she gently caressed him and spoke to him of her love for him and times shared together.

Kim arrived, I spoke to him briefly about the procedure as Robyn, away from our conversation, continued to give him love, as she had done since he was a pup. He was in a peaceful and calm state with the sun on his face and a light breeze fanning his coat.

Kim administered the injection – within twenty seconds he would be gone. For a moment he looked up at Kim, but the overpowering love from Robyn took away any possibility of fear. As the liquid passed through his body Robyn cried to him with her love and thanked him for his beauty and devoted sharing for the loving time together. It was a moving moment and one I will never forget. The love and compassion and the unconditional giving from an entity called Rusty had passed.

He is gone but not forgotten.


The purpose of our lives is to be happy…
The Dalai Lama

And that’s what you gave to me…

Dearest Albe,

I am so glad we met you and joined in a loving triangle. You have helped enrich our lives so much and given abundant love, patience,caring, generosity and fun. Thank you for teaching Robyn to spoil me with good food and croissants and encouraging her to take me everywhere cos I wasn’t any trouble. Thankx for ice cream at Hope’s, a seat besides you on your couch, always room in the car for me, letting me come upstairs.

I would wait for you every evening on the verandah and hearing the blue surf wagon drive up gave me such a tail wag. You were the kindest soul and would do anything for me. Your medicine, love, smile and time made me comfortable and content even when I hurted.

I loved being included. Thanks for always taking me to the river. I loved it when you dove in and swam to the other side – I hate water but I swam over to be with you. You would get on the floor and bond with me. I never got so bouncy and happy than you meeting me on my level. Thank you endlessly for being there on my last day. I knew. I looked at you, as I did Robyn. Soul to soul. My love for you both is limitless as I am. To be loved, played with and patted off home by you two was perfect. I was so ready in the sun. With absolute gratitude. Thank you.

“Where’s Albe” was a phrase that always made me happy and excited. I loved bounding up to greet you when you walked up the beach,surfboard under your arm. Always such a joy to be surprised to see your car. You gave my life such joy. Now I am a star dog but will always be with you dear Albe. So much love, as you know and saw in my eyes.

Love forever.

One life – one love – one heart

Heart Flower
Someone once said that we should think with our heart and love with our mind. As you read the following quotes from “Heart” and “The Flame of the Heart” you should attempt to absorb the essence of what is said in the heart. The radiation and magnetism will reach the mind with heartfelt love and from there, radiate out in your day-to-day contacts and activities, and in doing so expand your own present state of consciousness.



The heart that knows the subtle world knows flowers and mountains, and snows and the seas. Flowers thrive in a richness of forms and their colours are indescribably more complex that the colours of earth; the snows are more whiter and crystalline and richer than those of earth. Only the light bearing consciousness of the heart will carry the subtle body into the higher realms.First the Yogi hears the music of the spheres, but later, by way of the heart, he himself begins to reverberate with the harmony of the highest worlds.All ancient sages have spoken about the heart, they have said that the heart must control our thoughts, our words, and our actions. The heart is our conscience, our innermost consciousness.

He who does not think of the heart will also fail to improve his consciousness.

Only through the heart will you conquer.

When human thought shall recognise the heart as an impeller, not as an egoistic personal instrument, but as a collaborator with the subtlest energies, the predestined transformation of life will at once begin.

The great purpose of our actions is to aid humanity in the shifting of consciousness – the shifting of thought is the paramount healer of mankind.

Before you think, or before you put your thoughts into action, it is better to check with your heart. Before you take action, it is best first to ask your heart. You will see that your heart always leads you into directions that will bring you health, happiness, prosperity, enlightenment and beauty.

Nothing will erase the memory of the far off worlds in those who have approached them in the fiery body. As countless as the stars, as inexpressible in words, is the memory of the far off worlds. So, too, the heart will not forget about the silver thread, which is like a ladder to infinity. The earthly body cannot withstand many fiery revelations. But the same thread of the heart retains the consciousness of the far-off worlds.

We must bring the entire world into the sphere of the heart, because the heart is the microcosm of existence.

A feeling – from the heart – that is shared multiplies the energy tenfold.

How important it is to let our heart tell us what it is we want or need instead of letting our brain dictate to us.

A farewell is only a new welcomed reunion. We are not temporary, but infinite beings.

The observations of the flowers of the subtle world are very indicative, they point out how creativeness in the Subtle World is accessible to the flaming heart.

Peace can be reached through concentration upon that which is dearest to the heart

The quality of the heart centre is radiant or magnetic light.

Great one’s suggest that the highest guide within comes through the heart. It is in the temple of the heart that the highest and the lowest meet.

Whoever shall aid his near ones to find the path of the heart shall also find his own perfection.

You must be silent and ask your heart if what you are thinking, speaking and doing is really in harmony with the cosmic heart.

In every heart there is the presence of the cosmic heart.

The bond with the higher spheres is formed through the heart.

It is precisely the quality of the magnet that is inherent in the heart. The highest creativeness is imbued with this great law. Hence, each consummation, each union, each great cosmic unification is achieved through the flow of the heart.

It is only through the heart that the ocean of life is crossed and the other shore is discovered.

The health of the body depends on the purity of the heart.

Unfold your heart through prayer, meditation, patience, solemnity, courage, and fearlessness, benevolence, purity, love, creativity, beauty, striving, silence, caution and through the vision of the future. These are the wings of your heart. The whole of space, with its billions of stars, is waiting for your flight.

The love that inspires is heavenly.

The love that inspires kindles hearts for the highest joy and is thus indestructible.

Thus let us expand the heart – not for Earth but for Infinity.

HeartHeart is available from www.sydneygoodwill.org.au

“Whoever loves flowers is on the heart’s path.
Whoever knows the striving to the summits is on the heart’s path.
Whoever thinks purely is on the heart’s path.
Whoever knows of the highest world is on the heart’s path.
Whoever is ready for Infinity is on the heart’s path.
Thus shall we summon all hearts to the realisation of the source”.


The rose is the symbol of perfection, equated with the heart and unconditional love.

Yellow Rose

My life is my own
And yet my life is that of all souls
A parable of what is, what was and what must be.
My life is my work, and my love
I cannot name myself,
As the intention of my work is that you should seek,
And by seeking discover me
And by discovering me, know me.
My essence is silence
Like the voiceless fragrance of a rose.
Who can name silence.


O Lord of Beauty,
let me stand in your temple
of color supernal
and within the symphonies divine.
May I achieve harmony
with the heart of the cosmic rhythm
and radiate the uplifting,
expanding beauty of that Heart
in all my actions, aspirations, and visions.

Master Morya

Pink & Red Rose
The Flame of the Heart

By Torkom Saraydarian

This book is about the heart, about the Core of our being in which there is the Life, there is our Essence, there is the Self.

Most of the political conditions and economic problems of the world, as well as the problems in our families and societies, are based on the fact that our heart has been left behind; its whispers are not considered as safe advice, and they are easily neglected.

In the coming ages, the importance of the heart will be discovered all over the world. As we build universities to develop the mind, we will also build universities where the heart will be developed to balance the mind.

Only the heart has the keynote of your life. If you lose this keynote, all of your life will be built on the wrong foundations.


The Flame of the Heart

Serenity creates the conditions in which the flower of your heart blooms.The heart is a sensitive electrical web. Every act, word or expression that is not in harmony with the symphony of life creates disturbances in the electrical field of the web

When your actions are motivated by love there is no wasted energy.

As one exercises compassion, the cure slowly penetrates the heart. When the heart is active with this energy, it rejuvenates the organism and radiates healing energies around the man.

Patience is a state of consciousness in which you are aware that you are an endless, infinite and immortal being.

The language of the heart is silence.

When the heart and the mind are developed harmoniously, the person develops fearlessness, courage and patience, and in the meantime a sense of timing and preciousness.

For the ancients the heart was the holiest temple in which the most high dwells.

The heart not only communicates with human hearts but if trained and advanced in its unfoldment, it also communicates with the heart of every living form, the heart of the planet, and the heart of the sun.

If you want to have greater guidance in your heart, in your mind, and in your feelings, slowly try to enter into the sphere of the electromagnetic field of the hierarchy. You can enter there only through your heart.

The heart is intuitive and sees the causes long before the results appear on the surface.

Heart communication is related to motives, all-inclusiveness, unity, synthesis, understanding, consciousness, compassion and right human relations. Such a communication is immediate, direct and intuitive. It sees the causes before the results manifest.

Positive motives such as love, enthusiasm, goodwill, peacefulness, fearlessness and compassion create conditions in which your intuition, mind, reason, logic, and heart work to their maximum capacity.

The heart work in deep peace, and if fused with the solar plexus and mind, it uses them as carriers of its messages of love and clear thinking without illusion, ego, glamour and separateness.

The Flame of the HeartFlame of the Heart is available from www.amazon.com

The Divining Heart

By Patricia C. and Richard D. Wright

The further we travel, the more lightly we step upon the earth. We begin to recognise our relationship to the landscape and understand that we move to the same rhythms that give it form. As we climb upward, our view becomes wider and we see with increasing clarity that we are intended to move through awakening toward illumination. With a growing sense of joy, we realise that what we thought at first was a new destination is the Source from which we first began our journey; the Light that has always been symbol of the wisdom we seek is the beacon for our return. That “subtle centre of light,” the heart, resonates with that beacon, and the intelligence of the heart is the silent language of that Light.

Published by Destiny Books

Available at www.innertraditions.com

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