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Written in cooperation with a Tibetan teacher between 1919-1949, the books of Alice Bailey constitute a continuation of the Ageless Wisdom – a body of esoteric teaching handed down from ancient times in a form which is always suitable to each period. Intended to precede and condition the coming era, the Alice A. Bailey writings offer an unparalled spiritual approach to such subjects as the teachings on Shamballa and the Path of spiritual evolution; the Spiritual Hierarchy, the new discipleship and training in meditation as a form of service; the teaching on the seven rays and the new psychology of the soul; the teaching on esoteric astrology and the new world religion, which emphasis the common thread of truth linking all the major world faiths.

The Ageless Wisdom is presented as a practical and contemporary way of life and as a guide to the merging of spiritual values and goals with the challenges of modern living. The emphasis of the Alice Bailey writings is on service, through the development of the contribution which each individual, guided by the soul, can make to the enlightenment of planetary consciousness during this time of momentous change and transition into a new age and new millennium.

An extract from the Tibetan teacher, written in 1934, briefly explains the intent of these teachings:

“The books that I have written are sent out with no claim for their acceptance. They may, or may not, be correct, true and useful. It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by the exercise of the intuition. Neither I nor A.A.B. are the least interested in having them acclaimed as inspired writing. If they present the truth in such a way that it follows sequentially upon that already offered in the world teachings, if the information given raises the aspiration and the will-to-serve from the plane of the emotions to that of the mind then they will have served their purpose. If the teaching conveyed calls forth a response from the illumined mind of the worker in the world, and brings a flashing forth of the intuition, then let that teaching be accepted.”

Alice Bailey   Photo ©
Alice Bailey Photo ©

Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949)
From her conservative British background, Alice Bailey’s life led her in many directions, but always in one direction – towards the time when through drastic personal experience of many kinds she had acquired a synthesis of outlook and understanding, and an absolute conviction that one divine life pervades and animates the one humanity; that the Plan for humanity requires the cooperation of dedicated human beings, intelligently informed about world affairs, in collaboration with those who form the spiritual Hierarchy, the inner government of the planet.

Basically her work developed as a duality – her discipleship service, which included the establishment of an esoteric school; and her initially reluctant agreement to work with the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, in the writing of a series of books presenting the next phase in the continuity of the Ageless Wisdom, teaching for the recent and the immediate future.

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