A seed thought

a seed thought
Recently at a growers market, where every second week you can buy organic vegetables – grown with love – I met up with one of the growers. The discussion came around to the seeds from a banana pumpkin. He grows these delicious pumpkins and you won’t find them in many stores or supermarkets around Australia. The seeds are full and rich and beautiful in texture. I find it difficult to throw away seeds from vegetables – in fact very rarely do, particularly the pumpkin seeds. Perhaps it has to do with an inbuilt belief and understanding that just one seed, one small pumpkin seed can feed the world – and in today’s world with over thirty percent of the population struggling to feed themselves – I feel a great inner desire to contribute in some way to that imbalance, in the distribution of food in the world – so I save the seeds. We both agreed that having a jar of pumpkin seeds was pure gold.

Our idea was this: let’s start a pumpkin seed co-op and maybe we can find a way to freely distribute them to countries in need of durable, natural food that is lasting, nutritious and tastes great. Of course this will not solve the world’s food problem, however, if energy follows thought then perhaps it’s a start and you never know where a pumpkin seed might end up. So when next you buy a pumpkin – save the seeds – one day in some way we may be able to collect the seeds – and send them off on a journey of adventure to help feed those who are struggling – it’s just a thought. Imagine the joy on the face of a baby who tastes a beautiful sweet pumpkin for the first time or a family who can bake the pumpkin on an open fire. One pumpkin will produce up to 150 seeds, each plant will give 3-5 pumpkins – that’s 750 pumpkins or another 112,500 seeds – it doesn’t take long to gather a million seeds. That’s a lot of pumpkins and they last for a year.

It’s just a seed thought – one that could feed the world.

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  1. Yep …. right on …. this farmers wife saves ALL seed … not just pumpkin … this years plantings … watermelon, honeydew melon, rockmelon, 3 kinds of cucumber, balinese corn all planted from generations of seeds saved over the last 12 years. Only seed from the strongest, biggest plants is saved. The rest of our veges come up from seed that falls naturally into the soil … this is the best seed bank ..as all the lettuces and herbs and aisan greens come up when they are ready . Beats me why anyone is hungry. Problem started when food became a commodity and the greedy people genetically modified plants so the seeds became infertile. My idea is this …. SEED BOMBS …. little bundles of seeds and bits of ginger and tumeric and garlic and potatos …. with cow poo …. wrapped in banana leaves … Droppped in every vacant bit of land …. in parks … traffic islands … schools … office gardens … villiages … rubbish tips … deserted farms …. And start a GREEN WAR. (ps …. last year we picked 28o pumpkins … 4 varieties … and that’s just what grew out of the compost !!) Oh … and to complete this rave … a quote from one of my favourite/inspiring heros … Bill Mollison … founder of PERMACULTURE … “While the problems of the world become increasingly complex… the solutions remain embarrasingly simple.” om. x

  2. Chris Mac says:

    Great Idea.
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  3. andrew says:

    i just clicked the ‘like’ button as i look out my window and see a pumpkin vine flourishing into summer after a few days of rain…

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