Energy follows thought

“As a result of focussed thinking in the heart the spiritual eye opens and becomes the directing agent”
Alice Bailey

Third Eye
The meaning of language – indeed the meaning of a single word – is constantly expanding to embrace the growing diversity of human knowledge and experience. The word “field” for example, has always been able to evoke peaceful images of green pasture land and the familiar sights and sounds of the countryside; but in this scientific age, it may equally lead the imagination into an electromagnetic or quantum field – a world of invisible forces where the mysterious sub-atomic particles pop in and out of existence. Two completely different worlds of imagery, qualities and feelings are evoked by the expanded meaning and evocative power of a single word.

While the physicist knows that a subtler field underlies the illusion of the rustic scene he gazes upon, the esotericist knows that this, in turn, is also an illusion. Underlying both is yet another type of field – one of living qualities. This is the field of the intuition which is accessed through the heart; it is here that a search must be made for what is referred to in the Labours of Hercules as the doe of the intuition – illusive and vanishing at the slightest disturbance from worldly thoughts. To capture the doe is a long and arduous labour of love, but all who search in the silence of the heart may catch the soft echo of distant footsteps, a glimpse of living gold in the depths of the forest night. As the trail is followed with perseverance, the doe reveals itself more frequently until finally it is captured and the hidden realm of the intuition opens up.

Those who have captured the doe and are able to work consciously in the field of the intuition do so through the opened “spiritual eye” which serves as a directing agent under a fundamental occult law; energy follows thought and conforms itself to thought. With deliberation, thought is constructed to embody specific ideas and qualities in line with the Divine Plan and directed to be of service in the world. Even before this eye is opened it is possible to work with this law through the use of the creative imagination. As we learn to think in the heart we will discover that the insights we have there become magnetic and that this magnetism increases the more we brood upon them and visualise their practical application in the world of human affairs.

In the works of Alice Bailey, and other pioneering esoteric thinkers, words are arranged in a specific manner to form a geometry of power that resonates in the mind of the reader. Ordinary words can convey a deeper perspective, for behind them lie the living qualities that are seeking entrance into human consciousness. In this context, the meaning of a word such as, Peace, for example, is transfigured into a point of wilful tension in the head and heart that swings all the three divine aspects – will, love and intelligence – into a simultaneous activity in line with the will of God. At present this may not be more that an interesting concept, but one day the idea lying behind such a word will be as clearly understood and experienced as a field of grass beneath our feet is today.

And so we see the means whereby language can be expanded to embrace not only the growing diversity of human knowledge and experience, but its quality as well. The Ageless Wisdom teachings are written with this in mind and we are asked to think them into the public consciousness and help to evolve a new language of spirit.

All is energy.

We constantly hear about the energy crises and the need for sustainable energy. Yet we forget that everything in the world is energy in manifestation.

The word energy is derived from the Greek energos meaning active. Everything in the physical world, including all human activity, is a result of this vital, dynamic quality of life.

The energy or etheric body.

The entire manifested universe – the cosmos, the solar system, human beings, and the various kingdoms of nature – possesses an energy body. Although this is subtle and intangible, and cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is nevertheless substantial and conditions all outer forms.

While mainstream science rejects the notion of an energy body, there is a momentum within certain scientific circles suggesting the reality of some form of subtle, universal energy field. This is especially noticeable in the networks of scientists working on ideas of an electrical universe, exploring morphic resonance and quantum coherence. Wisdom teachings down the ages affirm that we live within an ocean of energies, and that we ourselves are a finely tuned system of interacting vital forces. Our won energy body is an integral part of the energy body of the planet, which is itself an integral part of the energy body of the solar system.

In esoteric traditions of the West and the East this energy body is often referred to as the etheric body, with networks of centres, or chakras, and subtle pathways of relationship.

The quality and focussing of our thinking conditions the energies flowing into and through our etheric body. As we develop the qualities, for example, of a loving mind, and our thoughts become more potent, the vibrations we put out into the world radiate these qualities with increasing effectiveness.

There is a plan.

The outer world of circumstances and events can be understood as the product of the dominant qualities circulating through the planetary etheric body at any particular period in world history. Ideas that hold the seeds for future world culture and civilisation – such as the idea of wholeness and interdependence sweeping through the etheric body and transforming life in our time – come from the Universal Mind, the Mind of God. They carry the energies of a great design or pattern, a divine plan working out in response to the evolving mind of humanity. During times of transformation creative thinkers register and respond to these vitalized ideas.

All who have developed imaginative and contemplative qualities of mind – and this can be through traditional prayer or meditation practices, or through dedicated study of one of the sciences of the arts – are able to touch and register ideas held in the Mind of God. A sense of future possibilities awakens within them, and their own creative thinking generates energies, which flow through the etheric field, transforming the climate of thought and making fundamental changes in the world possible.

In our time, at the dawning of a new era vivified by the impulse of wholeness, there are more people thinking with creativity and intuitive focus than at any previous time in history. There are also more concentrated fields of group thought than ever before. All who are pondering the vision of wholeness and its application in a multitude of ways form a world group of mind and hearts, a field of potency in the etheric body of humanity.

Although the divine blueprint will always be something of a mystery to us, our deepest conviction is that light is ultimately destined to illumine our minds, love to govern all relationships, and also that the will of God (the will to good) will increasingly guide our human wills. All who truly seek to love and serve humanity and the Earth are cooperating with this ultimate purpose. Those who understand the power of thought have the possibility of playing a particularly creative role.

Christ said, “As a person thinks in his heart, so is he”.


Training for new age discipleship is provided by the Arcane School. The principles of the Ageless Wisdom are presented through esoteric meditation, study and service as a way of life.

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  1. Biannca Pace says:

    Very interesting and uplifting indeed very inspiring as well. Thank you for posting.

  2. Edward says:

    Hey Mr Falzon
    Just found this wonder-filled site and will eagerly read my way through it before heading back!
    Thank you and
    God Bless

  3. Otis Mah Man says:

    This has to be the biggest pile of “Annie Hall Hippie Chick” BS that I have ever read… Anti intellectual pap.

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