Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet

There is a legend of a secret valley hidden in the far western region of Tibet.
Once a year on the full moon in may – legend has it – that a great light appears
And in the centre of that light is the Buddha.

This valley is known as the Wesak Valley.

From the beginning of time – man has searched for the meaning of existence.
He has travelled over vast oceans and high plateaus – over distant horizons and through
Impenetrable jungles in his quest for the meaning of life.

And such was the beginning of our journey to the Wesak Valley.

Mt Kailas
Mt Kailas
The Crew
The Crew

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3 Responses to Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet

  1. Ruby Madan says:

    Thanks for bringing the knowledge of valley to all those who are interested. I am scheduled to be at Mansarovar on 25th. of May this year. Can you please confirm if the valley is in Tarbouche which is about 30 km from Mansarovar and 8 kms from Darchen. Is this the place where a tall poll is hoisted on this day with prayer flags. How long does the ceremony continue as i have to decide whether i come back and join the group at Chiu gompa near Mansarovar at night or meet them next morning at Darchen. Is your DVD available in Mumbai ,India.

    Thanks and regards

  2. This is mean that Wesak valley is near Mount Kailash in between Darchen and Derapuk or it is in Darboche where Saga Dawa special festival happen in the special day of May or June

  3. Randy Martinez says:

    A great writing and thank you for info. This is the most beautiful valley

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