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Fraser in Space
Roos being fed
The Cosmic Sea
Playing for Change
The Mystery of the Ninth Moon
The Buddha Taught

Lama Fraser

Fraser in his mother’s bed said, “I just want to keep curling up and go round and round and get smaller and smaller until I am no longer part of the world”. “Where will you disappear to?” his mother asked, … Continue reading

The Cosmic Sea

The Cosmic Sea In love we find each other Sows the seed of infinite kindness The love that you see and feel, is that very you. There is no other It was never created It will always be It will … Continue reading

The Dharma

The Buddha cracked the mystery of human suffering when he realised what he called “the three marks of existence” – three characteristics that apply to all human beings: One, impermanence: nothing on earth endures in its present state forever: everything … Continue reading