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John Foxx Harold Budd CD cover
Hibiscus in Light
Meditating Dog
Marshmallow Tree

Becoming Sun-Like

“The sun is a great magnet.” So says The Secret Doctrine. To esotericists-in-training the sun is synonymous with the indwelling higher nature, steadily exerting its pull upon the outer form throughout the evolutionary cycle. As consciousness awakens, the sun becomes … Continue reading

The Etheric Web

The ocean of energies of the etheric plane is, we are informed, in constant circulation, interaction, ceaseless activity and transformation. No doubt, if we had etheric vision we would see a kaleidoscopic interplay of energies of differing hues, potencies and … Continue reading

Letter to Harold

Dear Harold, When I was a young boy living in Redfern – a concrete jungle, my grandfather who played piano and other musical instruments and listened to Mozart amongst other classical composers, offered me the opportunity to play the piano. … Continue reading

Energy follows thought

“As a result of focussed thinking in the heart the spiritual eye opens and becomes the directing agent” Alice Bailey The meaning of language – indeed the meaning of a single word – is constantly expanding to embrace the growing … Continue reading

The Voice of The Teacher

From Sydney Goodwill Newsletter – March It is spiritual sensitivity that must be cultivated. Sensitivity to impression involves the engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impression can play. Dear Friends, It’s been said so often that life’s … Continue reading

The Tree of Life

When we find ourselves in tranquil natural surroundings and if we listen with all our senses, physical and subtle, we might become aware of the vital life vibrating through everything – vividly sounding through insect, bird, animal and fish; humming … Continue reading